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Saturday Night Live? More like Saturday Night LAME

In I guess they did invent Strategery on September 21, 2008 at 4:08 pm

So some of this is good stuff. But the pedophiles thing? It would be funnier if we hadn’t already done it.

Fortunately 1) No one watches this show. 2) After Poehler leaves, negative no one will watch this show. 3) Does anyone else miss Gob from Arrested Development? Because I do and he is way funnier than his wife. Can we get him?

UPDATE: Did the rest of you see that Al Franken helped write that sketch? And that Franken is almost tied with Coleman in the latest fivethirtyeight projection? Isn’t Lorne Michaels a John McCain supporter? What the fuck is he doing? Do we have any hilarious senate candidates who can go toe-to-toe with Franken? Anyone?

And by toe-to-toe, I mean fight it out toe-to-toe, not Larry Craig toe-to-toe let’s play footsie and have man sex in this Minnesota airport bathroom and then claim in defense that foot tapping is first amendment-protected free speech. I mean he is really becoming an embarassement. Tucker why didn’t we get FoxNews to “accidentally” label him a Democrat like we did with Mark Foley?