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A Real American Tragedy

In It's topical because it's says Eskimo on September 21, 2008 at 6:07 pm

First Wall Street losing all its money, now WASPs are diversifying? What is the world coming to?

Who will keep up acronym usage if not for these great patriots?

Acronyms like N.O.C.D. and P.L.U. are used to mean Not Our Class, Dear and People Like Us. W.O.G. refers to Wealthy Oriental Gentleman or Wise Oriental Gentleman, depending on whom you ask for a definition. “Hawaiian,” “Canadian,” and “Eskimo” all have special meaning as well. I was told by one Palm Beach resident that Hawaiian refers to anyone who pronounces the phrase “how are you” as “how ahhh yaaa” (they are howahhhyaaa-n, or Hawaiian). Another Wasp told me that, at the establishment-incubating St. Paul’s School in the early 1960s, Hawaiian was used to refer to anyone who was considered “trash.” To say that someone is Canadian can mean that they are Jewish, and Eskimo that they are African American.

Have a heart. When you give to your right-wing charities this holiday season, please, don’t forget our WASPs. They’re our base.