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Do you have an awesome Palin baby name yet? Because it can’t be as awesome as mine

In Although I've always been partial to Chesty Larue on September 21, 2008 at 10:28 pm

I hear the people on the interwebs are all going cuckoo for cocao puffs over the Sarah Palin baby name generator.

I’d just like to call your attention to my awesome name: Barrel McRaven Palin. Is that a badass name or what? You try to tell me that’s not a fucking manly name. You can’t just come up with a name like that. You need it generated, by a fucking computer, because that’s how awesome it is.

Tucker, it’s probably not an accident your name would be Stepper Choke Palin. Ha!


Update: Jesus, Tucker, please SHUT THE FUCK UP