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How many people has Rick Davis lobbied for? GEEZ

In Oh for sure we TOTALLY didnt know on September 22, 2008 at 2:20 pm

Rick, um, can we talk?

As we continue to smear Obama on false associations with Fannie Mae executives, these well-researched, revealing, non-hack-pieces (see the Associated Press, Fournier) exposing your blatant lobbyist connections to these very same loan giants, which some individuals are inclined to call “journalism,” are probably not helpful to our cause. (UPDATE: also conspiring are Newsweek, Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic, etc.)

Please correct as soon as possible. Can we start talking about the surge again to anyone who will listen? Oh wait.


UPDATE: So I exploded a bit. Okay maybe a lot. No I’m not freaking out. This is an election. Deal with it.

UPDATE 2: See this just proves the press is all against us because even after we said Obama is lying they’re all still saying we’re the ones lying! Conspiracy! Even those liberal, doped-up hippies at The Economist are against us!

UPDATE 3: This is war. “You’re in the tank” is going to be our answer to “Yes We Can.”