Fake Steve Schmidt and Friends

Who needs Tina Fey when this stuff writes itself?

In Oh man just wait till she kills it in the debate hahah jkjkjk on September 29, 2008 at 1:37 pm

Well played, CNN.

And the rest of the press is laughing WITH HER TOO, DEFINITELY NOT AT HER.

UPDATE: Apparently questions about foreign security are totally fair when you’re debating with John McCain, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden. But Sarah Palin? Well, now you’re just picking on the retarded.

Is this what our sell has come to?

GEE PUNDIT GENIUSES, it’s no secret that Sarah has been nothing short of a disaster lately, and as a result we’ve exiled her to “debate camp.”  Now the question is how much damage can she still do WHILE HIDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING DESSERT.


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