Fake Steve Schmidt and Friends

Viva la revolucion. Viva la press smackdown.

In Obviously there would be a swimsuit competition on September 23, 2008 at 5:31 pm

The media conspiracy against our campaign continues. Today, the press, including CNN and the AP, get this, wanted to have REPORTERS covering Sarah’s meeting with Karzai. They weren’t happy with just photographers and a TV crew. They wanted, you know, JOURNALISTS. Journalists who write stuff. And ask questions. WTF right?

Can you imagine the nerve? Are they trying to turn our publicity stunt to distract from Sarah’s incredibly inadequate metaphorical foreign policy credentials into some kind of real meeting with a foreign head of state that is subject to scrutiny? Because let me tell you, that is not how we do things in the McCain campaign, and we will not be bullied into allowing “public vetting” or “debate” or “facts” to come anywhere near Sarah.

Basically we are here to have a beauty pageant. Except it would be a beauty pageant where the INTERVIEW and TALENT portions are omitted, since they are obviously biased towards people who aren’t retarded.  And that, my friends, is CHANGE you can believe in.

UPDATE: Actually to make this just like a beauty contest, we gave the contests 29 and 15-20 seconds of “substance.”

Image is everything. Impossible is nothing.


P.S. Thank god for Fox, but you already knew thougt that, didn’t you?

UPDATE: Sexist treatment? Is this some kind of double-reverse psychology?

I thought by choosing Sarah that made Barack Obama sexist, not the other way around. Tucker, can we get some research on this? Didn’t we throw some half-hearted praise on Hillary Clinton a while back? How come no one is buying the “we are real feminists and Sarah is Rosie the Riveter” meme? DONT YOU PEOPLE KNOW OBAMA IS THE SEXIST ONE!??!?!? LIPSTICK, PEOPLE!

UPDATE 2: Now look what you’ve done. Even Laura Bush is being sexist against Sarah (by our totally GOP-ified actual definition of sexism).


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