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This is what real journalism looks like guys

In The CNN "statistical dead heat" stuff is still the best though on September 22, 2008 at 11:35 pm

To follow up a previous point, God bless real journalistic crusaders like Mark Halperin over at Time. Nothing says fair and balanced like reporting about two polls in the same day and calling a NH poll where John McCain is up by 2 (and blatantly within margin-of-error) as showing a “lead” but a VA poll where Obama is up by 3 (and just at margin-of-error) as “tight.”

And by totally omitting the “details” of that same VA poll that show the lead growing to 50%-45% when third party candidates are included, a lead that is outside the margin-of-error.

That is how reading polls is supposed to be done, and definitely NOT how Nate Silver eloquently explains in this fantastic piece (what is this, some kind of science mumbo-jumbo?).

Are you taking notes at home? Because this is some real Upton Sinclair/Sherlock Holmes/Murder-She-Wrote detective shit.


P.S. This one:

should also be filed under “fair as fair can be” aka “that is without question a responsible headline” aka “yes a single editorial you dug up totally EQUALIZES the fifty million editorials that say that say John has been doing the lying.” Tucker were you the one who pulled this shit off? I take back all that stuff I said about your testicles not having descended. This is some serious A-game you’re bringing.
P.P.S. Definitely not real journalism. This is some liberal hack right?

  1. Um, thanks, Steve? No, that’s not my handiwork, as much as I would love to claim it. My project for days (and probably for the rest of the campaign) has been related, though– picking off the weak links in the liberal media machine that manufactured the underlying story about John “lying.” Tina Fey, if you’re reading this, you’re next. I’m not going to let our country go down the tubes just because some midnight pranksters think it’s funny to besmirch the reputation of a war hero and patriot.

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