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Is Race Something Republicans Should Exploit?

In Racism on September 20, 2008 at 6:44 pm

According to Kanye West the Associated Press racism still alive they just be concealing it.

Which begs the question that I know we have been pondering for a looooonnnng time, with unparalleled thoughtfulness I might add:

Should we, as Republicans, go there?




HAHAHA I couldn’t keep a straight a straight face either. It is genius though how we’ve mastered the racism-double-racism-double-dutch-reverse-racism routine which consists of

1) Make racist ad/claim/statement.

2) Wait for someone not affiliated with the Obama campaign to call a spade a spade, because we know the last thing they want to talk about is race.

3) Claim the Obama campaign is being “hysterical” (or “effete” or other words that only non-elitist country folk would use) and PLAYING THE RACE CARD

4) Have the Rick Santorum of the hour say something totally retarded like “we will not let them besmirch our virginal racial honor!”

5) Swear we are now “color blind … (racial)”.

6) Rinse, repeat.

PS I know the AP hates the First Amendment and believes in copyright laws that, ahem, don’t exist. But seriously, I’m STEVE FUCKING SCHMIDT. One step removed from KARL FUCKTASTIC ROVE. Sue me.

PPS And can I just say God I love that hack posing as a journalist Ron Fournier. You fucking tell the guy you don’t want him on your campaign and he’s still try to fellate us. It’s like that math nerd in middle school no matter how mean the girl was to him he still tries to follow her around.

-Steve Fucking Schmidt


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