Fake Steve Schmidt and Friends

Definition of Ungrateful

In Alaska is a sissy, Alaska is the 3rd grader who sits by himself at lunch, Palin on September 20, 2008 at 7:57 pm

Did you guys see this shit? Alaskan newspapers are saying Sarah is not doing her job.

Tucker, can we get Eric Cantor on O’Reilly to state the obvious? Nobody gives a fuck about Alaska.

I mean we gave that state its 15 minutes of fame and this is the thanks we get? The public is already getting tired of all the bullshit about snowmobiles and mooseburgers and the astonishingly high rate of rape which Sarah refuses to buy the rape kits for?

It’s not like Sarah was working all that hard before. NOW they care?

Again, I still don’t really get these. Is this good or bad for us? I heard the kids like these.



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